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On the Mulligan Tour, there are 120 of
the top professional golfers ... and you!

Mulligan Tour Golf

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Your tour competitors are randomly selected from a pool of 120 professional golfers rated on tour success. There are twenty real-life events on the tour including the four majors (Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, PGA). You will gain in experience as you play. Experience points are earned with birdies (1) and eagles (2). Earn enough experience points to advance to the next level and improve your golfing skills (distance, accuracy and putting). See if you can improve your skills enough to challenge for the top of the Mulligan Tour Money Winners list.

All thirty-two golfers play the first two rounds of each tournament. The top sixteen make the cut and advance to the last two rounds. Stroke ties are decided by least amount of putts. If golfers also tie on putts, the decision is by coin flip. The top 16 finishers share in the purse.

Golf is an open exhibition of overweening ambition, courage deflated by stupidity, skill scoured by a whiff of arrogance.
- Alistair Cooke

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